Mix and Match Experience

Mix and Match Experience

Let me help you mix and match lots of new and interesting outfit combinations with the clothes and accessories you already own. You can then maximise their wear and get better value from your investments.

Mix and Match Experience
  • you have a wardrobe full of clothes, but wear the same things over and over

  • you lack creativity when putting together interesting outfits

  • you have items that you’ve rarely or never worn

  • you want to make the most of the clothes you already own

  • you need expert help!

Let me help you feel inspired when you look in your wardrobe each morning. Dressing each day will be easy and you will feel confident in putting together new outfit combinations in the future.

Mixing and matching outfits is a passion of mine and I would love to help you explore a whole new range of outfit options with the clothes and accessories you already own. Exploring options and learning how to put pieces together will absolutely change the way you think and shop in the future.

During our time together I will photograph the outfit options for future reference when dressing each day. If we discover you are missing pieces that would expand your options even further, we can write a shopping list for the next time you want to invest.

So, if you’re keen for some new outfit inspiration and you want your wardrobe to work harder for you, let’s get started!

Book a Mix and Match Experience if you would love to:

  • find new inspiration in your current wardrobe

  • learn some styling tips and tricks

  • learn to accessorise your outfits

  • make your clothes work harder for you

  • update or elevate your personal style

2-hour mix and match session
styling tips and tricks
list of items missing from your wardrobe
photo gallery of outfits created

Travel fees may apply

“The results were immediate. At a networking event I attended two days after the session, I received multiple compliments on my clothes. One person even thought I’d lost weight—a nice bonus. The best part? I pulled this off with clothes I already owned; I’d just never thought to combine them in such a stylish way before.”


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