Wardrobe Revamp and Refresh Experience

Wardrobe Revamp and Refresh Experience

Book a wardrobe revamp and refresh to save time, money and give you a new mindset when it comes to getting dressed each day.

Revamp and Refresh Experience
  • you wear the same outfits on repeat

  • you change several times when you dress each day

  • you struggle to pull together interesting outfits

  • you rarely accessorise your outfits

  • you’re time poor and need help!

We’ve all been there, including myself. Feeling like we have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear, bored with our current clothes, stuck on how to style pieces in different ways, unsure on how to make an outfit appear more polished. The Wardrobe Revamp and Refresh Experience focusses on your existing wardrobe, identifying gaps and mixing and matching new outfits. There is also an add on option available to then shop with intention for new items to elevate your style or completely revamp it.

Your time with me will begin with a consultation call and an online style questionnaire, where you will provide me with the information we need to meet your style goals.

We will spend up to three hours organising your wardrobe, keeping the pieces you love and removing the pieces that no longer serve you well. I can even donate these items on your behalf. I will teach you how to best dress for your body shape and how to accessorise your outfits. We will also identify and list any items missing from your wardrobe.

The fun really begins with a two-hour mix and match session. I will create new outfits for you and together we will build a photo gallery for future reference and to help you get dressed with ease each day.

By the end of this experience, you will have a functional and well-organised wardrobe that reflects your personal style. You will be inspired as you dress each day and feel so much more confident and comfortable in the clothes you wear. Investing in a styling experience with me is an investment in yourself.

In addition, I offer an optional two-hour shopping experience should you wish to shop for the items you are missing in your wardrobe. Prior to our session, I conduct a pre-shop, sourcing pieces for you to try that suit your lifestyle, colourings, shape, and budget. This will ensure our time together is productive but most of all, fun and educational.

Let’s get started!

Book the Wardrobe Revamp and Refresh Experience and Shop with Intention Experience (add on) if you would love to:

  • Reorganise your wardrobe

  • Find new inspiration in your current wardrobe

  • Learn to accessorise your outfits

  • Dress for your body shape

  • Shop for identified wardrobe pieces

  • Have someone to help you shop smarter

  • Update or elevate your personal style

Ask me about my three easy payment plan.

20 minute consultation call
online style questionnaire
Up to 3-hour wardrobe edit
2-hour mix and match session
Personalised Style Guide
1 week 1:1 support via phone/email
*subject to size of wardrobe

Travel fees may apply

Add on option: 2hr Shop with Intention Experience

“Bec has an incredible eye for colours and what suits you. I didn’t have to buy anything else, it was all there, just not being utilised. Great investment and recommended to anyone.”


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